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    Joe Zook

    Hi Bonnie,

    You're not the first to ask about how to optimize printing from OvationTix! Many of our users have had a lot of success by following a couple of basic best practices. 

    First, it's helpful to understand how hard tickets are rendered in OvationTix. We serve these up in PDF format, which is a widely used file format that makes it easy to print tickets without the need for specific printers or proprietary drivers. It's also simple for your web browser to render, since all browsers have either their own native PDF viewer or integrate with Adobe Acrobat reader. 

    Sometimes, however, these PDF files can be pretty big, especially if the file contains hundreds or thousands of tickets. If your browser's memory usage is already high, this can impact the speed at which the browser can render and handle a large PDF. Memory usage can be significantly increased by having lots of tabs open or multiple browser extensions running. The best place to start is to close unnecessary tabs and disable any extra extensions you may not be using. This normally makes a noticeable difference. 

    If that fails to improve performance, it may be useful to disable your browser's embedded PDF viewer and change the handling settings to download all PDFs and open using your computer's default PDF viewer. This reduces the strain on your browser's available memory and can significantly speed up the printing process. 


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